Message from Jedwin to Supporters of the Israel Book

June and I in Israel, 2017.

Contrary to what the song says and to how I’ve lived most of my life, no man is an island unto himself.

I thank God that I’ve lived long enough to come to love and appreciate Him and His Son, the roles they’ve played in my life, and the patience they’ve shown me as I stubbornly trod a path forged from the pride of my ego coupled with my damaged heart and soul.

I also thank God for the love of a wife that I’ve too often taken for granted. A woman whose faith in her God and her Lord helped her stand by me. At times like these, words fail, and I ask that the Spirit hear my groanings unuttered and pass along the messages.

I also thank you, dear folks who supported this project in a multitude of ways, because you saw the need for telling this story of a journey of faith. A journey of one man, me, learning to have faith. And a journey of faith of the Jews of modern times in believing God wants them to have a nation and country of their own.

Neither I nor they shall ever wander in the wilderness again.

But enemies abound and dark forces continue to gather and assault. “I Am Israel — Lions and Lambs of the Land” is the story of the recognition of those dark forces and enemies, and the staunch fight that, with God’s blessing, will prove to overcome.

As I work on the book, I will be posting small excerpts and a picture from each finished piece so that you will see that I am honoring your support and will bring this book to publication.

Sincerely, John Edwin “Jedwin” Smith

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